The first year showed promise, the second year – growth – and this year the team at RFF proved its legitimacy and staying power! 

As both a punter and an act for the last 2 years, I had a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the organisational improvements at this year’s event: a stellar line up (well… that’s been true of every year), as well as a welcome uptick in sideshows, merchandising and an aesthetically fitting venue!  Continue reading

Gridposting with Josh [or… how I fell Back In Love With Stranger Things]

[Warning: Some Limited SPOILERS ahead!!]

Back in the summer of 2016, I remember having no real intention to watch this new Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Unlike so many of my friends, I just dismissed it as a teen drama that had somehow managed to nudge its way to the front of my ‘suggested feed’. But with a little clarification from Reddit about its premise and themes, I chained that first series like a pack of Lucky Strike. Satisfied – yet irritated in it’s absence! Every aspect was astounding! From the casting, to the original score, the visual effects, to the creative character development. It was just fantastic television. Continue reading

Droid Bishop’s seminal LP to be released on vinyl for first time

Droid Bishop Front Cover

Synthwave legend – Droid Bishop – is partnering with TimeSlave Recordings to bring his seminal album ‘Lost in Symmetry’ to vinyl.

Pre-orders open on Friday 15th December (00:01 UK time), and there will be 150 copies available in black virgin vinyl, with 150 further copies coming on transparent/pink splatter vinyl.

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