New Music! ‘The Everest Tapes’ by Lars Lennarth hits the shops

Everest Tapes.png

Lars Lennarth is back with a new EP, ‘The Everest Tapes’, out today in our Bandcamp shop. Check it out!  

Lead single Warrior of Eternia sets the collection off to a dark start, and the rest of the set delivers blow after darksynth blow.

Lars Lennarth – The Everest Tapes [TS016]


2016 strikes again…

The curse of 2016 struck again yesterday, when George Michael died aged just 53.

His huge talent as a singer, songwriter and producer leaves a lasting legacy – particularly over a scene which borrows as much from the 80s aesthetic as it does from the music… both of which George Michael changed forever.

2016 has been a tough year for music. RIP George Michael