The first year showed promise, the second year – growth – and this year the team at RFF proved its legitimacy and staying power! 

As both a punter and an act for the last 2 years, I had a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the organisational improvements at this year’s event: a stellar line up (well… that’s been true of every year), as well as a welcome uptick in sideshows, merchandising and an aesthetically fitting venue! 

This was RFF’s most ambitious event to date and I have to say they rocked it!

To start, the line up catered to pretty much every subset of the synthwave community! You had the more traditional ‘Outrun’ beats delivered by the “Pineapple Pizza Slayer” himself Vincenzo Salvia (pic, below)! Power pop from the LeBrock boys. Sunglasses Kid delivered pure 80s pop bangers (as he usually does) and as the night turned to early morning, genre giants like Makeup & Vanity Set and Danger were there to take us dancing in to the darkest depths of the scene! 


My highlight was Danger who I hadn’t really ever listened to before. But it’s safe to say his tunes are now the newest additions to my Spotify saved section. He came on stage wearing a hoodie, and with his trademark LED eyes providing the only light on stage, the guy looked like a freaking Jawa! But he rocked me for the hour he was on, I have never danced so much at one of these events as I did for his set! Pure fire! Thats why I’m making his Album “Origins” my pick of the week.

You can check it out HERE:


Jonny and I were able to make a token appearance as IVERSEN for a DJ set in the VIP bar, where we rocked a TimeSlave set, packed with tunes from the likes of Occam’s Laser, Robots with Rayguns, Futurecop! and Morgan Willis. 

Hopefully next year we can go back for a full band gig again (nudge nudge guys!) 


It was great to see everyone on what was a busy night. As usual, these events provide the opportunity to catch up with old friends from previous gigs as well meet new ones, and I would love to shout out to Mr Michael Bell of the Cardboard Arcade, who provided the gaming facilities for the event! 

He brought his ensemble of full-size arcade machines, my favourite being the Vaporcade, made for the “a e s t h e t i c” gamer. The chap goes by the handle @unstable_king so give him a follow cause he’s doing the lord’s work around the UK!


All in all, no events perfect. 

I would have loved little more direction and organisation on the second/VIP stage as a performer. But even with that minor criticism I don’t think it really detracts from the sheer quality of the event as whole! 

Great music + great people = a great time and that’s exactly what I had! I can’t wait to see what they can bring next year. I’d recommend RFF to anyone looking for a great synth wave night!

See you at the next one peeps.

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