Computronic’s debut lands. It’s time to ‘Even the Score’

Rick Donald had life figured out. But life can change with the flip of a coin.

Are you ready for Computronic’s debut LP? Described by Echosynthetic as the soundtrack to “one of the greatest films never made”.

“Quite a ride, from start to finish” observed Watermelon Banzai. The “best looking cassette ever released in the scene” according to Vampire Stepdad. High praise indeed.

Make no mistake, Even The Score is an ambitious offering from Canada’s latest Synthwave star. It’s an album he’s been working on for some time and we’re really excited to be able to share it with you.

As ever with TimeSlave Recordings it’s available as a limited edition cassette and on digital formats via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all other major platforms.

It’s had all the hype you’d expect and it’s worthy of every superlative in the book. Check it out now! Go on… stop reading this! 😉

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