Thanks, but no thanks…

Statement from TimeSlaves 23/01/16

This evening we took the decision to remove the music of an artist who had recently been published on TimeSlave Recordings. 

We take a strong view that our music is for everyone, everywhere and we only want to be associated with artists and groups who share our positive outlook. Some material shared on social media platforms fell well short of that principle and we had no alternative but to take action.

Let it be known that this label is not interested in being part of – in fact it actively opposes – the so-called Fashwave scene.

… Only open-minded people need apply.

Stay Cool!

TimeSlave Team




  1. Right on! No place for that rubbish in Synthwave. Keep up the good work.


  2. Just looked it up. Quite a silly movement. Positivity, helping others and being a genuine Human is what it’s about.
    “Music for the Love
    Love for the masses !”


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